Sustainable Gardening Talk by Dr Peter May

Monday Matters – 19 November 2018


On Monday, thirty keen U3A gardeners heard a fascinating presentation from Peter May on how to garden more sustainably.

In brief:

Turn off your garden taps [except from your own tanks]!

Ignore much standard advice from nurseries, garden magazines and most garden designers [except those dedicated to sustainability]!

Choose plants that will grow in your local climate, rather than trying to change the climate [in your garden] to provide for unsuitable plants!

Select plants that can be expected to survive climate change!  and

Aim at reducing inputs of water, fuel, pesticides, fertiliser, offsite environmental damage and perhaps labour.

Peter’s slide presentation is attached. It has several links to sustainable gardening resources and examples of attractive sustainable gardens.


Simon Ransome


click here >>>>>>>>>>Slide Presentation link



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