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 19ART141   Painting and Drawing    Coburg Senior Cits.    Melinda Venticich   30/01/2019  Wed   13:30   Wkly  
 19CLE121   Moreland Meander Clean-up    Various    Joanna Aldenhoven   22/02/2019  Fri   9:30   Spcfd  
 19GAM141   Mahjong    Bruns. Mallet Sports    Kathy Foley   29/01/2019  Tue   14:00   Wkly  
 19GAM142   Word, Board and Card Games    Siteworks    Pauline O'Brien   30/01/2019  Wed   10:00   Wkly  
 19LAN141   French Conversation Culture and Language    East Coburg Comm Hse    Bruna Galli   30/01/2019  Wed   10:30   Fort  
 19LAN142   French Refresher    East Coburg Comm Hse    Bruna Galli   06/02/2019  Wed   10:30   Fort  
 19LEA141   Earth Natters Matter Environmental Group    Campbell Turnbull    Luise Zanthyr   27/02/2019  Wed   10:00   Fort  
 19LEA142   BYOBs - Books & Reading    Siteworks    Mary Ryan   06/02/2019  Wed   14:00   Mthly  
 19LEA143   Contemporary Australian Poetry    Siteworks    Michael Galvin   29/01/2019  Tue   14:00   Fort  
 19LEA144   Big Issues Today - A Discussion Group    Coburg Senior Cits.    Brian Zammit   31/01/2019  Thu   15:30   Wkly  
 19LEA342   Exploring Global Challenges and Ideas    East Coburg Comm Hse    Margaret Robertson   16/07/2019  Tue   14:00   Fort  
 19MND141   Dru Yoga    Coburg Senior Cits.    Karen Hawe   07/02/2019  Thu   14:00   Wkly  
 19MND241   Meditation    Coburg Bowls Club    John Martin   29/04/2019  Mon   9:30   Wkly  
 19MON344  Monday Matters - Talk by Guest Speaker    Siteworks    Trish Jannu   21/10/2019  Mon   11:00   1 day  
 19MON345  Monday Matters - Talk by Guest Speaker    Siteworks    Trish Jannu   18/11/2019  Mon   11:00   1 day  
 19MUS141   Fawkner Community Choir    Fawkner Comm H Major    Meredith Lawrence   24/04/2019  Wed   14:00   Wkly  
 19REC011   Intro to Croquet    Bruns. Mallet Sports    Donna Appleby   01/02/2019  Fri   10:00   Wkly  
 19REC021   LIEP Forward - Exercise Program    Siteworks    Pamela Ashcroft   08/05/2019  Wed   10:00   Wkly  
 19REC031   Seniors Tennis    Bruns. West Tennis    Pam Fletcher   19/07/2019  Fri   10:30   Wkly  
 19REC141   Urban Exploring    Various    Anna Harley   05/02/2019  Tue   10:00   Fort  
 19REC142   Bike Riding Group    Various    None   29/01/2019  Tue   10:00   Fort  
 19REC143   Table Tennis    Cob Table Tennis Ctr    Brian Zammit   04/02/2019  Mon   12:00   Wkly  
 19REC144   Nordic Walking    Various    Jean Petrie   07/02/2019  Thu   10:00   Fort  
 19REC145   Line Dance for Beginners    Merlynston Hall    Tita Kolonis   23/04/2019  Tue   13:15   Wkly  
 19REC341   Dog Walking with Friends    Austin Cres. Res.    Jo Porter   19/07/2019  Fri   10:00   Wkly  
 19SOC041  Birds of Melbourne Botanic Gardens    Royal Botanic Garden    Michael McClare   21/11/2019  Thu   10:30   1 day  
 19SOC141   Coffee Cuppa & Chat    Specified    Melinda Venticich   31/01/2019  Thu   10:15   Fort  
 19SOC142   Movies at the Nova    Cinema Nova    Deb Pace   04/02/2019  Mon   10:00   Fort  
 19SOC143   The Dining Out Group    Various    Jo Porter   27/02/2019  Wed   18:30   Mthly  
 19SOC145   Sunday Lunch    Various    Pauline O'Brien   19/05/2019  Sun   12:00   Mthly  
 19TEC041  Get Smart - Better Internet Use    Siteworks    John Lopatecki   18/10/2019  Fri   10:30   1 day  
 19VOL141   Volunteer Committee    Coburg Senior Cits.    Group led   18/02/2019  Mon   15:00   Mthly  
 19VOL142   Volunteer Office    Siteworks    Office Reception   29/01/2019  Tue   10:00   Fort  
 19VOL143   Volunteer Occasional - Publicity    Various    Group led   29/01/2019  Tue   10:00   Spcfd