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 201ART01   Relief Printmaking    In Recess    Ann Wookey   20/04/2020  Mon   13:30   Spcfd  
 201MND01   Meditation    In Recess    Jean Petrie   10/02/2020  Mon   9:30   Wkly  
 201MON03  Monday Matters - Brain Health for Ageing    Via Zoom    Trish Jannu   14/09/2020  Mon   11:00   Spcfd  
 201MON04  Monday Matters - Council Support Options    Via Zoom    Trish Jannu   17/08/2020  Mon   11:00   Spcfd  
 201REC01   Table Tennis    In Recess    Brian Zammit   20/04/2020  Mon   12:00   Wkly  
 201REC02   Coburg Lake Walking Group    In Recess    Trish Jannu   20/07/2020  Mon   10:00   Wkly  
 201SOC01   Movies at the Nova    Via Zoom    Deb Pace   10/02/2020  Mon   10:30   Fort  
 202ART02   Plein Air Painting and Drawing    In Recess    Margaret Bishop   10/03/2020  Tue   10:00   Spcfd  
 202GAM01   Mahjong    In Recess    Kathy Foley   28/01/2020  Tue   13:00   Wkly  
 202LAN01   Francais Pratique: Niveau Moyen    Via Zoom    Bruna Galli   04/08/2020  Tue   10:30   Wkly  
 202LEA01   Contemporary Australian Poetry    Via Zoom    Michael Galvin   04/02/2020  Tue   13:30   Wkly  
 202LEA02   Exploring Global Challenges and Ideas    Via Zoom    Margaret Robertson   11/02/2020  Tue   15:30   Fort  
 202REC01   Urban Exploring    In Recess    Anna Harley   04/02/2020  Tue   10:00   Fort  
 202REC02   Bike Riding Group    In Recess    Joel Matthews   11/02/2020  Tue   10:00   Fort  
 202REC03   Line Dance    In Recess    Tita Kolonis   04/02/2020  Tue   13:15   Wkly  
 203ART01   Painting and Drawing    Via Zoom    Melinda Venticich   29/01/2020  Wed   14:00   Fort  
 203GAM01   Word, Board and Card Games    Via Zoom    Pauline O'Brien   29/01/2020  Wed   10:00   Wkly  
 203LEA02   BYOBs - Books & Reading    Via Zoom    Mary Ryan   05/02/2020  Wed   14:00   Fort  
 203LEA03   How to Write a 'How to' Book    Via Zoom    Darby Higgs   22/07/2020  Wed   10:00   Wkly  
 203SOC01   Dining Out Group    In Recess    Jo Porter   26/02/2020  Wed   18:30   Mthly  
 204LAN01   French Workshop    Via Zoom    Gail Grove   06/02/2020  Thu   14:00   Wkly  
 204LEA01   Big Issues Today - A Discussion Group    Via Zoom    Brian Zammit   30/01/2020  Thu   15:30   Wkly  
 204REC01   Nordic Walking    In Recess    Joel Matthews   06/02/2020  Thu   10:00   Fort  
 204SOC01   Coffee Cuppa and Conversation    Via Zoom    Melinda Venticich   30/01/2020  Thu   10:30   Fort  
 204SOC03  Royal Botanic Gardens Spring Walk    In Recess    Michael McClare   10/09/2020  Thu   10:00   1 day  
 205GAM01   Mahjong    In Recess    Fran Mackieson   14/02/2020  Fri   13:00   Wkly  
 205GAM02  Trivia Quiz    Via Zoom    Richard Brown   14/08/2020  Fri   16:00   Spcfd  
 205GAM03  Trivia Quiz    Via Zoom    Richard Brown   18/09/2020  Fri   16:00   Spcfd  
 205REC02   Seniors Tennis    In Recess    Pam Fletcher   31/01/2020  Fri   10:30   Wkly  
 207SOC01   Sunday Lunch    Via Zoom    Pauline O'Brien   16/02/2020  Sun   12:00   Mthly