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Kris Spark wins 2001 ‘Georgiebalds’ portrait competition.

Kris Spark was voted the winner of this year’s portrait painting competition, the ‘Georgiebalds’ which is held each year by the U3A Moreland Painting & Drawing Group, in memory of a former  member, the late George Costa. Kris’s painting is of her husband Neil.

In second place was Beryl Mulder, Miranda Cerrra was third and fourth was Kathie Armstrong, out of a field of 20 works. Members of the group submitted portraits created during the year and the result of the competition was a consensus decision by the Group.

The U3A Moreland Painting & Drawing Group has continued meeting via Zoom during the recent COVID restrictions and a slide-show of recent work by the Group can be viewed at

Kris Spark 1st place

Beryl Mulder 2nd place

Miranda Cerra 3rd place

Kathie Armstrong 4th place