Program Guide for term 2, 2021

Dear Members

U3A Moreland Term 2 Program 2021

We are pleased to send you the Program Guide for Term 2 along with the great news of Victoria being COVID free for so many days. An achievement we can all be proud of.

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With the risk of COVID community transmission extremely low at present and further Victorian Government lifting of restrictions, our Committee of Management approves returning to offering indoor Programs face to face (F2F). This only occurs of course where our Facilitators are comfortable to offer their Programs this way.

We also emphasise it is each Member’s choice whether to return to F2F. With some Programs continuing on Zoom, and a number of outdoor and public space activities, we are offering a range of choices.

We will all need to take the necessary precautions to ensure each other’s safety in all our F2F situations. Most importantly this involves following the rules set out by Government, U3A and venue hirers.  Implementation of these rules is also a key factor for a safe return, which will be a joint responsibility of Program Team, Facilitators and participating Members. We would be proactive in reducing risk should any new COID outbreaks emerge in the community. Programs would be immediately temporarily suspended.


Programs returning from recess will require enrolment.  For other Programs,
ongoing enrolments will apply. The status of Programs is made clear on the Program Guide.

Withdrawals / unenrolment

If you wish to withdraw from a program, please email this request to and we will make the necessary unenrolment. This allows Members on a waiting list to join the Program.

We welcome this news and trust you do too.

Program team