Term 3, 2021 Program Guide

Dear Members

We are pleased to send you the Program Guide for Term 3. (Click on this link to download the program.)

There are a number of things we would like to highlight.

UMAS for Members is now working. You can log in to the U3A Moreland database using the usual Member Log-in page on our website at: https://u3amoreland.org.au/members/


You are welcome to enrol in as many programs as you choose.
Enrolment for new programs is essential. For ongoing programs, your existing enrolment is rolled over.
In ongoing programs new enrolments are welcome, and here we encourage you to enrol even if it means you will be on a waiting list, as vacancies can appear.

New Programs

Relief Printmaking on Mondays
Writing in Retirement on Thursdays, to share your reflections and creative ideas with your peer group [revised program]
Eco Printing on Thursdays for 2 sessions
Nordic Walking on Fridays – a second group

Covid Caution

We watch for restriction changes and are ready to do the ‘Covid Rock n’ Roll’ should it be necessary. While it means some programs are not able to run, we are in the fortunate position that a number of our facilitators can transition to Zoom.

A Handy Tip

Always check your Spam or Junk mail for U3A emails, especially if you are expecting  a notification. A number of members have been finding U3A mail in spam mail recently. Our new website host and other measures will hopefully address this.

Program Team
U3A Moreland