Term 4, 2021 Program Guide

Dear Members

We are pleased to be sending you the Program Guide for Term 4,2021. There are some
surprises in store!

With the addition of 5 new programs to our schedule, we will be very well catered for in the
new term.  We welcome the four new facilitators  who are bringing these programs to you
via zoom, at least at this stage, as we thought it offered a more certain way forward.

At the same time, we need to keep in mind the number of programs that are dependent on
Covid19 restriction changes in order to run again. These are the face to face groups and
activities that meet both indoors and outdoors. Please note that the Program  Guide
indicates commencement dates for F2F groups assuming a ‘normal term’ setting. This way it
gives  the opportunity to keep our diaries in line for when things do open up again.

Enrolment Information to keep in mind

  • You are welcome to enrol in any number of programs of your choice
  • There are plenty of opportunities for new enrolments
  • In all ongoing programs your current enrolments will be rolled over and therefore no need to re-enrol.
  • Be sure to look at the programs offered on Zoom and perhaps try a new group!
  • For assistance to enrol please email member.u3amoreland@gmail.com or ring on 0421 318 872

Please be sure to tell your neighbours and friends about U3A, the new programs and that
there is a half price Membership available for this term.

Enrolments open on Friday 17 September, 2021.

Here’s to ongoing learning, being active, and keeping connected,

The Program Team

 (Click on this link to download the program.)