U3A Moreland April 2020 Update

To Members:

U3A Moreland Healthy News

Keep informed and Keep entertained!

In these different times there are many ideas and resources in apps, websites and the media available for keeping us occupied, relaxed, active, informed and innovative – whatever we choose to be – so here’s some sharing and no doubt you have found out lots more.

Do share by sending your ideas to:

info.u3amoreland@gmail.com – attention Program Team

News from U3A Network Victoria

Firstly U3A Network Victoria has been sending regular weekly Bulletins for the management and administration of U3A’s throughout Victoria during COVID -19.  These also contain lots of ideas on a range of issues.  www.u3anetworkvictoria.com.au go to the NEWS section and in these bulletins go to the sections on sharing ideas and opportunities for keeping active, managing isolation, keeping in touch.  They also include lots of other information – some from other U3A’s and about the introduction on Zooming for Programs and meetings.

News from State Government 

State Government is keeping us up to date on any aspect of Covid19 find the information on www.dhhs.vic.gov.au/coronavirus

News from Moreland City Council

Moreland City Council has lots of information on their website for staying well, staying at home, staying connected and getting support during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic

Be Kind Moreland – www.moreland.vic.gov.au/be-kind includes:


News from Merri Health

Merri Health has a new pilot program and are offering a no cost government funded therapeutic outreach service – Stepped Care for Older Adults – for mental and physical health to people living in the following areas: Moreland, Darebin, Brimbank and Melton –  1300 637 744 www.merrihealth.org.au


Some great ideas are coming from Moreland Neighbourhood Houses –

NECCHI – Newlands and East Coburg Community – www.necchi.org  and

Brunswick Neighbourhood House – www.bnhc.vic.edu.au  

Entertainment and Learning

To suit a variety of interests there are so many sources and no doubt you have found many.  Here are just a few:

www.portrait.gov.au & www.collections.museumvivctoria.com.au (type in your interest and explore)

More reading in The Age newspaper 2 page spread of 30th April – “Age-old questions of the Pandemic”.  An older Australian 79 year Nobel Prize winner – immunologist Peter Doherty – is featured.

 And the National Ageing Research Institute (NARI) has excellent tips for healthy living through the pandemic. www.nari.net.au/covid-19-resources

“People are doing amazingly well thinking laterally” quoted somewhere

And we are sure you are too

Stay safe and well

The U3A Moreland Program Team

  • Perspective – try to see this time as unique and different, not necessarily bad, even if it is something you didn’t necessarily choose
  • Connection – think of creative ways to stay connected with others, including social media, email and phone
  • Be generous to others – giving to others in times of need not only helps the recipient, it enhances your wellbeing too. Is there a way to help others around you?
  • Stay connected with your values. Don’t let fear or anxiety drive your interactions with others. We are all in this together!
  • Daily routine – create a routine that prioritises things you enjoy and even things you have been meaning to do but haven’t had enough time. Read that book, watch that show, and take up that new hobby.
  • Try to see this as a new and unusual period that might even have some benefits.
  • Limit your exposure to news and media. Perhaps choose specific times of day when you will get updates, and ensure they are from reputable and reliable sources.

                              (From Moreland City Council website)