Welcome to Our New Website

Welcome to Moreland U3A‘s new website! Please take a look around, and don’t forget to check out our exciting course timetable. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Information on Our New Website

When you look for our website at u3amoreland.org.au, this new-look website appears.

Explore the links from the ‘Home’ page or click on one of the Menu items at the top of the page.  

Your existing web-search bookmark may not work, but if so, just type ‘U3A Moreland’ into a search engine and our new website should be at the top of the list.

Initially you may find the new website unfamiliar but you will soon get the hang of it! 

UMAS (U3A Membership Administration System)

The new website provides you with improved layout and better access to UMAS which is our on-line record of members, programs, timetables and enrolments.

When you log in to look at or edit your member page, check out programs, or enrol, you are using UMAS.

You will still need your U3A Moreland membership number and your password to log in to UMAS. Once you have logged in, your membership page and enrolments will operate the same as in the past. There are links to UMAS on several new website pages.

Some Tips

The same content is present as before, with better access. It has a better appearance and many links to get you to the page you want.

On the Programs and Activities page, some members may find the new Courses and Activities Currently Available, grouped by program codes, confusing. It is more accessible if you click on “List View”

[ie change from “Calendar View”]

. You now have numerous options to sort the programs to suit yourself.

The Log-in page [to get access to the UMAS database] has the same appearance but is embedded in a new website page and to see longer pages, needs up or down movement in two ‘scroll bars’ on the right-hand side.

Alternatively click the “Open in new window” button near the top of the Log in page, and it will look the same as previously.

If the new website does not open properly or you are having difficulty, click the ‘Refresh’ symbol [circular arrow] at the top left.


When U3A Moreland was re-established early in 2015 we received a lot of support from U3A Network Victoria and in particular Kevin Whelan. He introduced us to and educated us about Network’s UMAS database. Since then UMAS – hosted by Network – has been our excellent database of members, programs, timetables and enrolments.

Supported by Network, Kevin also steered the development later in 2015 of our own website to provide information to existing and new members, and give members on-line access to UMAS.

Network recently employed Bar Bending Designs to develop a template for an improved website for U3As. This template has a better appearance and is easier to edit and update than our previous website. So far 30 other Victorian U3As have used this template for their websites.

After consideration, U3A Moreland’s committee of management decided to transfer our website to the new format. Guided by comprehensive assistance from Network’s Peter Lazarus, John Lopatecki and Simon Ransome have developed the new website.

On Thursday 31 October 2019 we transferred to this new-look website.

Network will provide ongoing technical support for UMAS and the website. U3A Moreland greatly appreciates this support from U3A Network Victoria. In particular we are grateful for the generous assistance we have received from Kevin Whelan and Peter Lazarus.

If you have any queries or difficulties please email us at: member.u3amoreland@gmail.com

U3A Moreland

Committee of Management