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Why should I join a U3A?

Learning should not stop as we get older. The U3A provides social and intellectual stimulation for older people who are not in full-time paid employment. Courses are designed to be enjoyable as well as educational. The U3A may give you the opportunity to learn something that you have always intended to learn but have not had the time to pursue.

How are U3As coordinated?

While operated independently by volunteers, U3A Moreland is one of more than 100 Victorian U3As supported by U3A Network Victoria, which provides organisational and planning support as well as facilitating broader relationships between Member U3As and affiliates, peer organisations and Government.

Who can join U3A Moreland?

Membership is open to retired and semi-retired people over 50 years of age.  No qualifications are required to join and enrol in courses.

Who are the course tutors?

U3As are run entirely by volunteers.  U3A offers the opportunity not only to learn, but also to become a course tutor yourself. You may be interested in sharing your knowledge and skills in an area you have a lifetime of experience in, or you may have a new interest you are exploring and learning about that you would like to share.

What courses are available at U3A Moreland?

We offer a range of courses over four terms each year. To see what courses are available click Courses.

Where are the courses held?

Courses are held in a variety of venues throughout Moreland. To see details, click Venues.

How is U3A Moreland administered?

U3A Moreland is a not-for-profit incorporated association administered by a volunteer executive committee. We welcome any assistance you would like to offer. To contribute some of your time or knowledge, click Volunteers.

What is the background to U3A Moreland?

An earlier U3A Moreland started in 1999, but ceased operation in 2008. It was formally deregistered in 2012.

In 2014 U3A Network Victoria identified that Moreland was the only metropolitan municipality that did not have an active U3A. After a number of public meetings held at venues provided by Moreland Councila steering committee was formed in late February 2015, and U3A Moreland was on its way again.  We received our incorporation number on 31 March 2015.

Our first program was launched by Mayor Meghan Hopper on 14 April 2015, at Coburg Town Hall.  Classes and activities commenced on 28 April 2015, and have expanded since then.

What is U3A Moreland’s future?

In April 2015 U3A Moreland began with 30 members; in December 2019 it has 227 active members.  As new members join we will expand the range of courses presented. We need your help to continue to grow by becoming a member and sharing your skills, knowledge and spirit.

How is U3A Moreland funded?

To date U3A Moreland’s main sources of funding are: a start-up grant from U3A Network Victoria; a small educational grant from ACFE through the U3A Network; and membership fees.

We hope to expand by applying for grants to Moreland Council, philanthropic funds and community groups.